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How to choose the right color for your room

Selecting the colors you want for your home is quite challenging. You might have no clue on how to put them together or whether they fit well in your home. Colors may vary according to your interest. To make your life easier, try to find an inspiration that is appealing and comfortable in your eyes. You can probably take a snapshot of your favorite spot in the garden, google images or probably your favorite art piece. Get at least three (3) options and select the best amongst them. Try not to have as many because this will only confuse you.

Once your decided with your inspiration, pick three different colors that you see from the image. This will be your palette. One (1) dominant color and two (2) accent colors. See figure below.

There you have it. You have finally chosen the colors for your home/room. The dominant color will dictate the ideal color for your home and will be supported by your accent colors. Your dominant color can be the paint of your wall, color of your sofa or the colors of your accessories. The accent colors should act as your supporting colors and should not compete with the amount of your dominant color. 60/30/10 should be the trick. Following this principle will create balance in your home.

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