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I do have existing furniture but I need to

style and rearrange my furniture?

Basic Staging and decorations are ideal for you. You can speak with one of our experts online or we can also visit your space.


I am moving to a new apartment and I need to create a look from scratch.

By trying the online assessment, one of the experts can evaluate the degree of requirement you need. The scope of work will vary depending on the size and type of furniture pieces you require.  


I keep looking around the market for a Tv unit but nothing fits perfectly.  

Bespoke Furniture would be the best solution for your dilemma. Our experts can design a custom-fitted TV unit for your wall. 


I work for a company and I need someone to help us stage our property from A-Z.

Choose Interior Design Service and we will give you the full package. Site visit Concept design, recommendations of materials, procurement and instalaltion. 

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